I'm Debra Zegas Berman (Debbie), a mother, survivor of suicide loss, an educator. 


My daughter, Alexa, took her life at 14 years of age.  SHE MATTERED.

This tragic loss compelled me to tell her story via this website and personal presentations.  My hope is that the message is promoted that kindness, tolerance and inclusion MATTER.  Most of all that I’d like the participants in the presentation and/or those who read the website, to realize that they potentially have the Power to Change the Outcome for someone who is in pain, feeling lonely and hopeless.




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Alexa Berman 1994-2008

Alexa Berman 1994-2008


Bullying & Suicide Awareness Presentation

I have created a presentation that is powerful on the very difficult, but important, topics of bullying, suicide and mental health. It differs from the typical program on these topics, mainly because it is real, not based on general statistics. The presentation has 2 components, one of which is interactive, which also distinguishes it from others. They are detailed below for the target audience of teens, in addition to adults who work with children in any capacity.  It can be tailored for different audiences ranging from school-aged children through senior citizens.  



I share general background information about Alexa and her story. It is accompanied by a Power Point presentation, short video, and a moving personal essay written by a close friend of Alexa’s. Participants are provided with some time to offer their reactions and thoughts to the information heard and viewed.


Part II

This part of the presentation is in the format of a workshop. Participants are divided into groups. They are provided with several scenarios that Alexa experienced the last year of her life. After reading through the scenarios they are given time to share their thoughts with one another by answering several questions. Responses are then shared with the larger group. They are given an opportunity to brainstorm possible solutions in order for the outcome to be different if they were to be witness to, or, were in a similar situation themselves.



This is a preview of the presentation, She Mattered.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou


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