The SHE MATTERED presentation can be delivered in two formats.  One is a general speaker style delivery where I  am verbally sharing Alexa's story.  It is accompanied by a short video and time is allotted for audience members to offer their reactions and thoughts to the information that is heard and viewed. A period of questions & answers, followed by a ratings survey concludes the program.

The other format is interactive.  It requires more time, dividing participants into discussion groups and sharing out information.  If the audience is comprised of students, an adult facilitator will be assigned to each discussion group.

Outlines for both are in the boxes below.

I am available to speak and conduct a presentation at a variety of venues.  The presentation will be tailored to suit the audience.

*School Districts interested - Please Note:

The information presented is best for middle and high school aged students.  Information is included that is important for all school staff, including administrators and parents.

Other venues and organizations can host this type of presentation as well, such as:

  • community centers
  • libraries
  • YMCA's
  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts
  • religious organizations
  • senior centers (helpful information for grandparents)
  • retirement developments
  • parent groups (already existing or one can be assembled), incl PTO's/PTA's
  • colleges & universities - education, social work, psychology majors 


Interactive Presentation Outline

  • Introduction - myself, Alexa
  • Short statement of purpose
  • Background information
  • View "She Mattered" video
  • Quick exchange of audience impressions of video
  • Tell 'Alexa's Story'
  • Present 3 scenarios related to bullying/cyberbullying that students will imagine they are in or witnessing. They will answer related questions with a group with the assistance of a facilitator.  An opportunity will be given to share-out their thoughts and ideas.
  • Question & Answer period
  • Wrap-Up/Take Away

General Presentation Outline

  • Introduction - myself, Alexa
  • Short statement of purpose
  • View "She Mattered" video
  • Quick exchange of audience impressions of video
  • Tell 'Alexa's Story'
  • What was learned since her death? / What warning signs were missed?
  • Letter written by Alexa's close friend
  • My impact on the CT bullying legislation 
  • Conclusion/Take Away/Impact of Social Media
  • Question & Answer period

 Ideas/Suggestions for activities can be provided to use at a later time if this format is chosen.

School Districts: 

Please be aware that I do not provide a specific program or prescription to follow.  My purpose is to use Alexa's story, the impact it had on my family, and the lessons learned from it, as a guide in creating your own plan to combat various forms of bullying.  Also, to educate students and staff of warning signs that may indicate that a peer/student is in crisis and suggest some appropriate responses to it.


Fees are determined by factors including size of group, length of presentation, travel distance etc.  A percentage will be donated to an organization or cause meaningful to Alexa in her memory.

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