The SHE MATTERED Presentation has 2 distinct components. Ideally, it works best if done in 2 sessions, however the content be condensed in order to get the full benefit of the program.   Adult facilitators with mental health training are required for each child/student discussion group.

I am available to speak and conduct a presentation at a variety of venues.  The presentation will be tailored to suit the audience.

Other venues and organizations can host this type of presentation as well, such as:

  • schools - public, private, parochial

  • community centers

  • libraries

  • YMCA's

  • Girl Scouts

  • Boy Scouts

  • religious organizations

  • senior centers (helpful information for grandparents)

  • retirement developments

  • parent groups (already existing or one can be assembled), incl PTO's/PTA's

  • babysitters

  • pediatricians

  • colleges & universities - education, social work, psychology majors

  • anyone who works with children, teens & young adults



School Districts: 

Please be aware that I do not provide a specific program or prescription to follow.  My purpose is to use Alexa's story, the impact it had on my family, and the lessons learned from it, as a guide in creating your own plan to combat various forms of bullying.  Also, to educate students and staff of warning signs that may indicate that a peer/student is in crisis and suggest some appropriate responses to it.


Fees are determined by factors including size of group, length of presentation, travel distance etc.  A percentage will be donated to an organization or cause meaningful to Alexa in her memory.

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